Trauma, Grief, and Life Transitions Counseling in Greensboro for Children, Teens, and Adults.

How long do sessions last?

Sessions are approximately 55-60 minutes with most of the time spent working on your goals for treatment.

How long will therapy last?

The therapeutic process is unique to the client. Some clients can get what they needed in 4-6 sessions, while others come several months. Specifically with trauma treatment, one can plan on 14 to 26 visits. We will work to create a plan for the care together.

 What is the cost for sessions?

At the Intake appointment, we will review your concerns, assess goals for treatment, and begin to create the care plan. This appointment lasts around 60 minutes, and the cost is $175 with Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance and $100 on a sliding scale for those paying cash, card, or check. The subsequent cost for a 55-60 minute session is $170.00 for those with Blue Cross Insurance and $80 – $100 for those on a sliding scale and paying cash, card, or check. We are fully invested in each and every case. Thus, we do advance preparation before sessions and continue seeking ongoing specialty training to be able to offer optimal support. We collect fees at each session.