Trauma, Grief, and Life Transitions Counseling in Greensboro for Children, Teens, and Adults.

Change is constant, unavoidable, and it can also be unpredictable.

While some changes are welcomed with great enthusiasm, other changes may seem more daunting. In fact, in some cases, life transitions can prove to be debilitating, and this may leave you feeling increased emotional stress (e.g., fearful, anxious, overwhelmed, and even depressed).

Common Life Transitions:

Job changes



Birth Death


Relationship Changes

Empty Nest

Our goal is to help you work through the stress and learn healthy coping strategies, as you go through life changes. We aim to help you reduce the shock of change, increase a sense of hopefulness, and help you embrace the newness of your life journey. Adjusting to change takes time. However, learning new strategies to help you manage the change can help you work through the stress and adjust accordingly.

If you are currently struggling to work through a change in your life, call us today to learn new ways to cope.